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Select reports about groundwater and septic systems.

DEQ well 1227 (click on the well number), reported in the 2000 DEQ well test study and cited by the USGS as the most polluted well (25.9 mg/L) in the USGS studies was actually a test well drilled at the end of a septic system drain field and NOT a water well.


CAG continues to introduce legislation that seeks to address the multiple issues of onsite septic system and groundwater in the Basin.

2013 Legislation

The aggressive DEQ septic system agenda severely hurt the La Pine Basin

CAG introduces HB3186 with Rep. Mike McLane's sponsorship

HB3186 Fact Sheet

HB3186 fails in committee, but mostly prevails in a budget note requiring that DEQ survey other states to determine what they were doing to help disadvantaged homeowner's repair or upgrade their septic system or connect to a sewer. Contrast the difference between the DEQ and CAG's report.

DEQ's report

CAG's own survey/report