The Beginnings
CAG began in 2007 when local residents objected to a one-size-fits-all policy requiring expensive septic system upgrades without regard to demonstrated need or the citizen's ability to pay (Ord. 08-012). The required system alternative treatment technology (ATT) was expensive, including on-going annual expenses. It was widely regarded as a temporary fix with potential future problems and was based on problematic science. Outraged, CAG took on "city hall" and won!
* Successfully sponsored a voter referendum overturning a one-size-fits-all septic system ordnance. * Successfully advocated for south county representation in county government. * Advocated for and contributed to veteran's issues. Advocated for local input on land use issues. * Advocated for increased higher and adult education for the La Pine Basin. * Sponsored public transportation for the greater La Pine area. * Accrued many hours of service to projects and other nonprofit groups in the La Pine area.

The Organization
The Central Oregon Citizen's Action Group, or CAG, is a social-benefit nonprofit incorporated in Oregon and a recognized 501(c)4 by the IRS. We are a board-driven organization. We welcome contributions, but keep in mind that contributions to CAG are not deductible for IRS purposes. All contributions and membership in CAG as a (c)4 are strictly confidential and not available to anyone or any agency.
* A strong advocate for rigorous scientific solutions to ground water protection. * Advocating for state and local policy that considers everyone, especially those with limited means to pay. * Responsible land use decisions that follow local and State land use law. * CAG continues to advocate for an informed public, like the Spotted Frog endangered species listing.

Contact CAG

Email: info@cagg.us.

Mail: P.O. Box 493, La Pine, OR 97739

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